While a man tries to run from the past, another changes the future.

Saturn is a project made over the spam of a night, following a young man bleeding for validation figuratively and physically as he hunts down a man trying to escape from his mistakes.

Completely privately financed, Saturn was shot in Vancouver, Canada at the end of the summer of 2018 with a small crew that prides themselves on film and work ethics under the company name: Death XIII.



It's late at night as a young man bikes his way in a quiet neighborhood. He makes his way to a quiet parking lot as shadows pop in the distance. Focused he walks towards the figures until suddenly a fist reach is face, knocking him down. He doesn't fight back as the figures slowly make their way closer. The group of figures attack him as he stand still. Seconds later we catch the young man biking away with a bloodied and distorted face. He spits out a teeth as a smile rises on his face.

Meanwhile, the beams of a car's headlights lead the way as a man drives in the night. His phone rings without hesitating he declines the call. The man parks his car as he retrieves a body from the back of the trunk and carries it to a man in an alleyway. As they discuss the situation we can see the biker from far away analyzing the scene. The man gets back in his car and drives away. Soon enough, the biker starts following the car. The man parks in an empty alleyway and starts to clean up any trace of his self from the car, gathering notes, removing the license plate and taking it all with him as he leaves the car. But as soon as he is out of sight, a bright light comes from inside the car. The phone rings again. The man comes running back to only stop a few feet away from the car and realize that something is already inside. He sits down, declines the phone call and stares to the passenger sit, what he sees is an identical version of himself, with the scars and disfigurements from the biker "What happened to you?" says the man. A single tear drops as we see the daylight; and the car, standing still, right where the man once was.


Death XIII prides themselves of being aware of the audience and markets its trying to reach. Looking at Box Office numbers and analytics of movies that fit in the same genre/style as Saturn we can see that the Audience is made out of a majority of Males between 16 to 35 years of age. With high box office numbers presented in France, UK, US, Canada and Japan. If you're reading this than most likely you are from one of these 4 countries, and we are trying to apply to your film festival.

The niche market this film targets is young adults that associate themselves with subcultures such as punk, rap and other underground urban cultures. Using surrealism and styles that defy the status-quo of film-making, not only Saturn, but Death XIII as a whole focuses on the weird, abnormal, outcast and ostracized that can be found on these underground cultures, mostly seen from the rise of social media and the internet age.

So with that said, Saturn will be having a strong social media marketing campaign through Instagram and Facebook.





Death XIII is an on going company that will keep growing far and beyond Saturn. We have pride in our work ethics and in sharing fictional stories that can be related by an audience of outcasts.